Member's Sign

Member's Sign

Rules & Regulations

Guest Rules

Members are not permitted to bring more than 8 guests on any one day, except for a venue which has been booked for a private function.

Car Parking

Members are requested to ensure that their drivers do not park their cars in the areas earmarked for ‘Owner Driven Vehicles’ under any circumstances. There is extreme pressure on parking, particularly on week-ends and members’ cooperation in this matter is requested.

In the event of a chauffeur driven vehicle parked in the members’ area, the security personnel have been directed to ask them to remove their vehicle and park in the area earmarked for ‘Chauffeur Driven Vehicles’.

Personal Domestic Staff

Members’ personal domestic staff are not permitted in any of the venues or facilities of the club. An Attendant’s area has been created near the Children’s Park and Members are advised to ensure that their maids and domestic staff who might accompany them limit themselves to the area earmarked for them.

Usage of the Club by Dependents

Dependent Members are not permitted to bring guests and must be accompanied by the member or his/her spouse.

Mobile Phones

The use of mobile phones in the bars, restaurants and 18th Shamiana of the club is not permitted and members are requested to adhere to this as a courtesy to other members.

Excise Rules

Excise rules in the club are stringently followed. Alcohol consumption is only permitted in the excise approved facilities and areas of the club. The closure timing of the bars is also strictly adhered to and members are expected to follow these rules without exception.


Tipping is not permitted in the club and any member found tipping can attract disciplinary action by the General Committee and it can also lead to the staff member’s employment being terminated by the club.

Dress Code

The Tolly as a part of its sporting tradition has a very liberal dress code, proud of our heritage we also have a culture of being sensitive to the times and this includes sartorial styles of the day.

The General Committee has included in permissible traditional attire for men, the wearing of Kurta / Churidar with strapped sandals or shoes, at all venues of the club. Kurta with Pajamas however are not permitted.

The prevailing dress code at the club is detailed below:

Wearing of shorts and chappals (without backstrap) is not permitted in the Tipu Sultan Dining Room, the Wills Lounge, the Ballantines Cruicksank Bar, the Billiard and Bridge Rooms, the Belvedere Restaurant, the 100 Pipers Indigo Bar, the Regal Lounge and the Chivas Pentiles Bar. Please change after golf or other exercise prior to using these rooms.

The minimum dress for gentlemen is a collared shirt / T shirt and trousers, Dhoti, Punjabi, Kurta Churidar, shoes and sandals with backstrap in the Dining Rooms, Bars and the Wills Lounge. Ladies in shorts are not permitted in the Dining Rooms and Bars.

Sleeveless garments (singlets/vests) may be worn for the purpose of jogging and in the Gymnasium, but please avoid wearing such garments whilst playing squash, tennis or golf, or when in the Shamiana, the gravel area or any other part of the Club premises. Short-sleeved sports/bush shirts are a minimal requirement.

Traditional apparel consisting of Punjabi / Pyjama or Kurta / Pyjama etc. is not permitted in the Club or in any of the rooms mentioned above. However, these may be worn for private receptions or functions but Members and their guests will not be served in any of the abovementioned rooms. On special occasions as decided by the Club, traditional clothing may be worn for Club events.

Members and guests wearing swimming costumes must kindly restrict their movement to the area of the indoor and outdoor swimming pools. Use of any other part of the Club premises whilst in swimming apparel is not permitted.